Who Might Jesus Look Like In A Modern Canadian Winter?

silhouette of labourers carrying a ladder, two of them clearly carpenters

The face of a Second Coming in today’s modern world might be that of a man more effectively able to preach by what he practices, rather then practice his preaching.

Why? Because today, thanks to the internet, everybody practices preaching. A cacophony of advice spills forth from nearly every wagging tongue on earth — the chatter of six billion birds all vying for the attention of anyone or everyone.

Their messages spill over into the temples and churches. A Christian today can find a congregation that preaches anything and everything from the Glory of God worshipped by indulging in a life of pure selfishness, all the way to the other extreme in sackcloth and ashes, serving God by prayer alone.

How might Jesus make himself heard through all this noise? By spinning like a light-bedecked ferris wheel in the night sky, punctuating his preaching with portentous claps of thunder?

Jesus was a carpenter. He might more suitably abandon preaching in competition with the world, and teach instead through a ministry of carpentry.

In wealthy countries with plenty of money to spare, most, if not all them, cannot house their most vulnerable citizens. Jesus might build houses for people experiencing homelessness even if his actions break the law. After all, he willingly broke the law once before, and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

What might lawless house-building look like? Read more at the CBC: Meet the Toronto carpenter building insulated, mobile shelters for homeless people this winter

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