About This Blog

This blog came about because there is not enough affordable housing.

With access to the web, we can see just how extensive this need is. In 2016, using basic internet search tools, we found mostly good news stories (Council X cuts the ribbon on four affordable housing units).

Today, we see analytical pieces, critical coverage and blogs from around the world. In addition to good news stories, we see growing concern about the lack of affordable housing and the impact it is having on households, communities, services and nations. The scope of people expressing concern has also widened. In addition to housing providers, research groups and anti-poverty advocates, health care providers, politicians and the private sector are speaking up.

affordablehousingaction.org is sharing stories to spread knowledge more quickly among people, communities, advocates and researchers who are working on this important issue.

The blog includes stories about successful local initiatives that could germinate ideas in other communities.

It also draws attention to national policies and programs, which profoundly shape local responses. Through web searches, we access stories that point out the strengths and weaknesses of the national programs.

We’re also commenting on news with an impact on affordable housing. Regulations, finance, policy, public opinion, approval processes and political will each have the potential to scuttle the housing that is so badly needed.

It is sometimes surprising to see who says what: a mayor who advocates for affordable housing as critical infrastructure, a private consultant who characterizes affordable housing as a community choice (and is still in business two years later), a developer who pans public private partnerships.

We welcome your thoughts and insights on the value of this initiative and stories that need to be told. And we’d be pleased to hear from anyone who feels they may have articles or insight pieces to contribute to our enterprise. Just contact us.