Why You Are Sliding Towards A Home With An Open Air Roof

A woman & her dog under blankets on grassy parkland
Homeless photo by wildwise studio is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Leftie, bleeding heart publications such as ourselves just know that the globe’s problems, like homelessness, arise from rampant, unrepentant financializers who profit on the backs of the little guys.

Well, here’s a relief from our conventional mantra. Let’s excuse the gamblers, speculators and financializers. They do what they gotta do, just like a wolf’s gotta howl at the moon. According to centuries of economic thought, by now we should realize that financializers are just goody two-shoes with clumsy feet.

Let’s point the finger instead at why poverty is growing like the plague as the middle class crumbles into dust.

Blame all the growing misery on the real culprits — American politicians. Have a brief kick at this can (only one or two free reads) from an angry article in Medium.

Not American? No matter. This balm, such as it is, is suitable for application in many, if not most, countries in the global village. Read more in Medium: Politics Causes America’s Housing Bubble — Market Mad House