Wonder Why Rehousing The Homeless Needs Support? A Dog Explains It

face on to a cute beagle type dog with a sign around its neck in Spanish; owner wanted
Homeless dog photo by Steren Mexico is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Owner wanted? Who would even think of abandoning this adorable Mexican homeless dog, which on top of everything else is quite possibly a beagle-cross.

If you think about people who experience homelessness at all, do you wonder why it seems so difficult to simply insert a certain number of street people into the same number of rooms in flats or houses?

The story of Leon and Marley, his beagle-cross companion, nicely sums up the complexity of the issue. Bean-counting persons and beds and rent subsidies doesn’t begin to address what will enable this duo to leave the streets and move to permanent housing.

Up to now you’ve probably assumed that a person who is experiencing homelessness with a dog in tow is nothing but an expert in self-indigent folly. Read more in The Anglo-Celt: Homeless man refuses to abandon his dog