World Wide Survival Wrestling: Green New Deal Versus Affordable Housing

Flow chart illustrating steps to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment
Flow chart of environmental review process in California.

The article linked below provides a taste of battle-royals to come.

On one hand are activists who champion the plight of today’s children, struggling tomorrow as grownups to survive in a flood-beleaguered windstorm hell of environmental disaster.

On the other are activists who paint today’s children as tomorrow’s homeless, living in alleyways and under highway bridges, searching hopelessly for shelter.

To focus the problem we must adapt a well known bawdy limerick:

There was a young maid from Devises,
Who had crises of two different sizes,
One was small,
Hardly anything at all,
And the other was big and won prizes.

Alas, which is the big crisis, and which is the small one? Seems there aren’t the subsidies around to tackle both.1 Read more in the San Francisco Public Press: Environmentalists Say They Were Shut Out of Talks on Building Housing Faster


  1. found a 1981 environmental impact assessment that included a housing plan. It starts with a media statement about the peace and stability that a home offers. See: Century Freeway Housing Plan and Environmental Assessment


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