Wuh-up Dawg? Are You a Cool Cat? Intergenerational Homeshare: Dawgs & Cats Living Together

Old and Young photo by Davide Mauro is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Old and young: ideal affordable housing partners?

At a recent national mayor’s conference in Boston, that city shared some of its current experiments in the creation of more affordable housing. Read more in The Bay State Banner:  City shares creative housing ideas with mayors nationwide

Out of four projects that were presented, one in particular caught our eye: a project to evaluate the future of shared housing, not between married couples — conventional or common law, nor between two plus friends or strangers who share no deeper relationship than a home.

One of Boston’s affordable housing projects is to deliberately seek to pair the younger with the older, searching for a stable fit and skill set that two generations living together might be able to offer each other, particularly including improved affordability for both parties. Read more on this project at boston.gov: Intergenerational Homeshare Pilot

Intergenerational Homeshare is by no means a radically new idea (some of the best ideas are pretested elsewhere!). For more on the future of this May-December sharing arrangement, read more in an earlier article from City-Lab: Helping Boomers Find Millennial Roommates


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