YIGBY: What Does It Stand For? Will It Catch On?

church bathed in sunlight
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Burlingame photo by kglavin is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Burlingame, California. A candidate for YIGBY?

Just a quicky . . . Seems it’s the silly season for acronyms.1 The latest is YIGBY. To get the full flavour of this new affordable housing acronym, you may wish to work up to it by reviewing your knowledge of:

  • NIMBY2, the original neighbourhood acronym often aimed against affordable housing
  • YIMBY,3 the ‘fake’ version of YIMBY in which activists pretend they have a welcoming back yard in a neighbourhood, when in fact they are a part of a regional or national movement and have no local roots that allow them to use the term ‘My Backyard”
  • YIMBY,4 a ‘true’ version of the acronym that involves positive affordable housing initiatives — Y-for-Yes by real neighbours with ‘My’ real back yards

. . . and now YIGBY, which stands for ‘Yes In God’s Back Yard.’ It has been coined in California to refer to affordable housing initiatives that make use of repurposed church lands. Read more in the Times-Herald: Bay Area Churches Are Building Housing In ‘God’s’ Backyard

Other articles on will-it-catch-on ‘YIGBY’, a trend by both socially activist and/or cash-strapped church congregations to support affordable housing:

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  1. acronym: a word made from the first letters of words
  2. NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard. For many different examples, explore our Politics: NIMBY category
  3. Try: Trendy YIMBY Affordable Housing Activists Are Sheltered In A House Of Straw
  4. Try: Affordable Housing Wars: True ‘YIMBY’ Can Outflank NIMBY