Young and Unhoused. No One Has Fewer Resources To Survive And Prosper

black and white image of three young people sitting outdoors, at night with an open fire burning in the background
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Surely, the problem is beyond managing! We’re talking about the growing number of older teenagers and young adults who are unhoused in the United States.

Some no longer have family support. Others who lost that months or even years ago, and have been in community care of some variety, until the day when they ‘age out’ of support. Then the care and support are replaced by . . .  little or nothing.

No support. Young people are expected to survive without a home by whatever means they can manage.

What could a stay at home mom possibly do to provide help to these youth? Little or nothing, you might imagine. Let’s give this mom a helper — her teenage son. He gets the ball rolling by telling his mother about his own school-mates.

This post is about one Tampa, Florida mom who learned about youth in crisis and ‘stuck in’ to help get rid of it. How far did she get?

Watch a video that discusses a recent book, If You See Them, Young, unhoused and alone in America. It was written by Vicki Sokolik about her experience with her non-profit, Starting Right, Now. With it, she created the elaborate and comprehensive support system needed to support unhoused youth all the way to self-sufficiency and a successful life. Watch FOX13: Young, unhoused and alone in America