Council’s Affordable Housing Duplicity: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

So we're shining the sweat-inducing perp spotlight on some badly behaving city council. Which one, in which country? Consider this a blanket indictment of too many municipal councils facing affordable...

Amsterdam To Plug Loopholes That Gobble Up Affordable Rental Housing

Build on surplus city land! It's an idea growing in popularity in different countries as a way of addressing the world-wide affordable housing crisis. That crisis reflects an ever-decreasing stock of...

Developers Discover ‘Missing Middle’ Housing Possible Without Subsidies

Thanks to housing industry lobbying, the affordable housing crisis that requires government subsidies has expanded upscale from traditional definitions of affordability. The gravy train of subsidies everywhere encompasses 'missing middle'...

What Is Affordable Housing? Brunswick, MD Tries To Solve A Problem It Can’t Define

In Frederick County, Maryland, the small town of Brunswick's attempts to solve an affordable housing crisis are a microcosm of a problem facing municipalities of many sizes in many...

The ‘Missing Middle’: Solving The Workforce Affordable Housing Riddle

There are circumstances in which it is easy to pity the 'missing middle'. The term 'workforce housing' is increasingly used to describe accommodation for those above-minimum wage workers in...

Low Income Renting: How Subsidies Can Soon Squeeze You Homeless

Public housing, owned by the government, is relatively impervious to market forces, and in turn has historically insulated low-income renters from an affordability crisis that evicts them onto the...

It’s All About Us: City Politicians/Experts Navel-Gaze The Future of Government Housing Support

An international movement to broaden the social and economic classes eligible for affordable housing support is gaining steam. Make housing affordable for everyone, not just those most in need! Hardly...
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