Green Social Housing: Impossible Dream Or Old News?

One way or another, many feel that social housing is too expensive for America, even as many other nations find ways to utilize this truly affordable form of housing....

Landlords Vs. Climate Change: How Will Renters Weather The Clash?

Australia already appears to be suffering from the dramatic and devastating effects of climate change while being led, like America, by a government that refuses to see any sign...

3 North America Countries Make A Chicken & Ostrich Climate-Burger

The buns of our proposed climate burger features the famous Chicken Little twins. That would be Mexico and Canada, running around the barnyard and crying "Climate Change is coming,...

Time To Recognize The Need For A ‘Green New Deal For Housing?’

At we've expressed some concern that climate change activists may find themselves competing for limited funding with affordable housing activistsTry: Saving The World One Tree? Affordable House? At...

Housing Literally Under Water Might Burst A Housing Bubble, Trigger Recession

The housing market collapsed in 2008 and caused an economic recession in the United States, which spread to other countries. It was triggered when new homeowners found themselves 'under...

Cowichan Climate Change Prep: Best of Intentions Tangled in Reality

Duncan, British Columbia, Canada's tiniest city mired in a much larger Cowichan Valley suburban sprawl, has seen fit to declare a climate emergency. Our hats are off. Earnest, well-meaning and...

North York, ON: Intersecting Crises And The Parking Lot Conundrum

A local government is responsible to its citizens for carefully weighing important decisions. It therefore cannot be expected to respond rapidly to the changing nature of some crises it...

Climate Change Threatens Another Knockdown Blow To Affordable Housing

"Hurricane Sandy was the greatest natural disaster to ever impact public housing residents in New York City". So begins the abstract of Public Housing on the Periphery: Vulnerable Residents and...

Plucky Norwich Council Bridges The Energy-Affordability Divide

One of the arguments levelled against energy efficiency in affordable housing is the increased cost of construction. Savings realized through lower energy bills in the long term require higher...

Saving The World One Tree? Affordable House? At A Time

An article about a 'green' project on the Island of Montreal reflects a conflict pitting two well meaning and determined groups of activists against each other, something we'll undoubtedly...

Housing Vs. Environment: Early Skirmishes Signal All-Out Battle To Come

Consider the American housing sector, together with its political and activist support, which is concerned with building both market rate and affordable housing. Needless to say, it prefers to...

World Wide Survival Wrestling: Green New Deal Versus Affordable Housing

The article linked below provides a taste of battle-royals to come. On one hand are activists who champion the plight of today's children, struggling tomorrow as grownups to survive in...

Affordable Housing: Can It Be Lean And Mean And Also Green?

Exclusive neighbourhoods of single family dwellings are facing an uncertain future as the pressure of an affordable housing crisis bears down upon protective zoning. For more on this try: Minneapolis...

Unholy Partnership Of ‘NIMBY + Environmental Review’ Proves Toxic To Speedy Affordable Housing Development

Developers and Local Government alike are fond of blaming each other for lengthy delays in the planning of housing projects. In the United Kingdom, a Government draft proposal is...
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